Case Study- Project 19

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2011 HIA Sunshine Coast / Wide Bay HOME OF THE YEAR

“Our first spec home has just taken out the prestigious HIA Home of the Year, for The Sunshine Coast / Wide Bay. It was a two year labour of love with an equally lengthy design stage prior to the build. Our main criteria for this spec house was to create a home which was energy efficient, included multiple outdoor areas for entertaining in all weather conditions, easily maintained and overall, a house we would love to live in and be proud of. To win this award through our own design, draft and construction, is most certainly the pinnacle of our small boutique building company's achievements.”

Exposed concrete, American Oak flooring, composite aluminium cladding and reams of glass create a contemporary statement in this cleverly crafted residence. Landscaped gardens and outdoor entertaining is seamlessly integrated via discreetly stacked New Guinea Rosewood doors and a unique transparent roller links the galley kitchen with poolside decking. Custom made commercial style sliding doors, track the length of the upper level hallway to provide a choice of privacy or open-plan living and the Soji-inspired balcony doors disappear entirely to blend the dedicated wet-bar with water-view deck. Maximising natural climate control, this home forges a fashionable future for small-lot design.

This house is currently for sale. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to arrange an inspection.

Nathan & Cristie Quail

Judges Remarks

"What struck me immediately was the lovely balance of shapes and interesting mix of materials, the plaster smooth finish on the garden wall that invited you to run your hand over. The 90 degree gun barrel slits in the corner of the garden wall and upper deck area, and clever landscaping.

From concept to final painstaking detail this house is the manifestation of bright talent and skilled devotion. This is a man that thinks in 3D, and intuitively knows scale and space.

This place has a oneness. Its creator had a vision of relaxed and easy living on 390m2 that encompasses the structure, landscaping and quality finish. It is this oneness that sings. It is the oneness, and the dedication, and the luminous talent of its creator that sets it apart and why it works so well visually and resonates with you to something deeper that speaks of good living.

Photos do not do it justice. This home invites exploration, and by degrees what is revealed, one after the other, is the clever new use of available materials, a sense of scale and proportion and the occasional delightful whimsy.

It will protect you when the weather roars, you can warm yourself in the morning sun, take a very private hot tub with a view along the length of the pool. It FEELS sound and anchored, yet the space soars inside, and takes you with it.

This home is a piece of art.............. And you can live in it!

And this piece of art, for a few lucky souls who will have the privilege of living in it, will have their life and living enhanced.

Nathan Quail, a gifted and industrious man, who has retained his humility, has created a masterpiece. May he live long and be given full rein to continue creating beautiful living spaces for humans.

OR you could say.....May Mrs Quail continue to cherish and look after him so that he can continue creating beautiful living spaces for humans. (It would be good to acknowledge Mrs Quail in some way, as this feels like a team effort to me, and Mrs Quail was so hospitable and gracious.)"

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